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Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
1-888-99-VOICE (1-888-998-6423) [24-hour crisis line]
425-226-5062 (Business office: 425.226.5062 M-F 9am-5pm)
P.O. Box 300, Renton 98057

24-hour phone crisis intervention, referral, and support services for sexual assault victims in King County including Seattle. Medical support, legal advocacy.
Verified 11/02

Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline

Confidential 24-hour info to adults & children. Referrals for medical, legal, shelter, counseling, anger management. Uses AT&T Language Bank, so can readily help in almost any language.
Verified 11/02

Harborview Center for Sexual Assault and Traumatic Stress
TDD: 206-521-1808

Counseling, information, referral, and advocacy, including coordination with Harborview Medical Center to provide medical services related to sexual assault.
Verified 06/2019

DSHS Children's Administration
Child Abuse & Neglect Reports: 1-800-562-5624 (24-hour phone number)
Seattle office: 206-691-2300
Seattle office toll free number: 1-800-379-3395
Foster Parent/Adoptive Parenting Information: 1-800-760-5340

King West DCFS - Harrison Building; 100 West Harrison; South Tower, Suite 100; Seattle, WA 98119-4116; MailStop: MS N56-2

Formerly Children's Protective Services (CPS). Investigates reports of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Family counseling services. This is a government agency with enforcement powers.
Verified from their web site 3/06, but no telephone follow-up.

Broadview Emergency Shelter
PO Box 31209, Seattle, WA 98103

Emergency shelter for abused women and children with support groups, case management, domestic violence and legal advocacy, and 24 hour crisis line.
Verified 09/2014.

Catherine Booth House
P.O. Box 20128, Seattle 98102
(Confidential street address)

Emergency shelter for abused women and children. 24-hour intake.

Also through Catherine Booth House:

  • Community Outreach Program: 206-442-8385. Provides advocacy and domestic violence support groups for women outside the shelter.
  • Legal advocacy: 206-442-8386. Provides information on the law and individual's rights, referrals to legal service agencies.
Verified 1/03

Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN)
24-hour hotline: 425-656-7867
P.O. Box 88007, Tukwila 98138

Emergency shelter for abused women and children. Support groups, advocacy, referral, and legal advocacy. Women's Advocacy Services 9am-5pm daily, 425-656-4305.
Verified 1/03

New Beginnings
P.O. Box 75125, Seattle 98125

Shelter, counseling, and support services for abused women and children. 24- hour crisis line.

Also through New Beginnings:

  • Community Advocacy line at 206-783-2848. Staff meets with each woman to assess risk and devise safety plan. Chemical dependency support and referrals. Legal Referrals. Parenting classes, childcare, parenting support group.
Verified 1/03

Northwest Network of Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Survivors (formerly AABL)
TTY: 206-517-9670
Fax: 206-325-2601

P.O. Box 20398, Seattle 98102

Services and support for Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender survivors of abuse. Safety planning, peer support, legal advocacy, safe housing referrals, counseling & health care referrals, advocacy, support groups, community education, and organizing.
Verified 1/03

YWCA Women's Resource Center

Secured building for women, women with children (no boys over 9). Case management, support groups, child counseling, legal advocacy, food, clothing. and referrals.
Verified 12/02

YWCA of South King County
1010 S 2nd St., Renton, WA 98055

Resources and referrals, support groups, some hotel vouchers.
Verified 12/02

24-hour hotline: 425-746-1940
24-hour hotline: 1-800-827-8840

Services for victims of domestic violence and their children up to age eleven. Referrals. 24-hour crisis line, support groups, children's programs, confidential shelter services.
Verified 1/03

Wellspring Family Services Domestic Violence Intervention
1900 Rainier Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98144

State certified domestic violence intervention program. Fulfills court-ordered domestic violence intervention group requirement. Voluntary clients also welcome. Meets weekly. Call for locations in Seattle and Bellevue. Also offers "DV Dads" program (court-ordered parenting group) and kid's club for victims of domestic violence.
Verified 9/09

Northwest Family Life
206-363-9601 (main office Mon-Thu 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. - 12 noon)
206-300-2243 (women's advocate Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-6 p.m.)

Christian faith-based "domestic violence learning and counseling center" offering free support programs and advocacy for victims of domestic violence, including a children's support program. Also offers Washington State certified perpetrator treatment.
Verified 04/08

Other Domestic Violence Resources
These listings come from a July 2002 listing by the Crisis Clinic, and have not been independently verified.

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy 206-236-3134
Bremerton Alive Shelter 360-479-1980
Center for Battered Women - Snohomish County 425-252-2873
Family Renewal Shelter - Pierce County 1-888-550-3915
YWCA Women's Support Shelter - Pierce County 1-800-562-6025
These listings come from a July 2002 listing by the Crisis Clinic, and have not been independently verified.

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