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Bus schedule and route information.
Verified 12/02

METRO Customer Service
201 S. Jackson St., Seattle 98104

Information about disabled/senior passes, taxi scrip.
Verified 12/02

METRO Accessible Services
206-263-3113 office
206-205-5000 reservations
1-800-205-5000 reservations (toll-free)

821 Second Ave. Seattle 98104

Van transportation for disabled who can't use buses.
Verified 12/02

Washington State Ferries
Verified 12/02

Volunteer Transportation For Seniors
2208 Second Ave., Seattle 98121

Volunteers to help with transportation to medical appointments. Call Wed. for following week. Age 60+.
Verified 12/02

Yellow Cab and Graytop Cab
Verified 12/02

Greyhound Bus Lines

Fare and schedule information.
Verified 12/02

Amtrak National Rail Passenger Service

Lower fares may be available on line than via phone.
Verified 12/02

Salvation Army
206-447-9944 (keep trying if you get fax tone)
1101 Pike, Seattle 98101

Limited number of bus tickets for new-job transport.
Verified 12/02

Working Wheels
(web contact only)

A non-profit program that sells affordable used cars to eligible candidates who are employed and are having work-related transportation problems, including:

  • Working at a job that has no public transportation.
  • Difficult or long commute on public transportation to get to work, to get children to and from daycare, and to take care of other family needs.
  • Not being able to accept opportunities to make more money -- such as taking alternate shifts -- because of limited public transportation.
  • Being unable to afford to repair a car that is unsafe or that does not run.

Working Wheels is a multi-step program designed to ensure that its participants are successful car owners. Applicants are screened to ensure that they can afford the car, plus insurance and gas, and are connected with training opportunities, including financial skills education and car maintenance workshops.
Verified 11/03

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