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Chemical Dependency

Alcohol/Drug Help Line

Information and referral service for chemical dependency issues, including referrals to Anonymous (12-Step) groups. For addicts, family, friends, and youth. Trained volunteers available 7 days per week 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Leave message if no answer.
Verified 12/2009

Department of Social Health Services (DSHS)- Division of Alcohol & Substance Abuse
1-877-301-4557 1-800-562-1240

Under ADATSA — The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment and Support Act — a form of public assistance is available through DSHS for Chemical Dependency treatment for low-income individuals. If found eligible, individuals may receive up to 6 months of paid treatment (3 months in-patient, 3 months out-patient) and are referred to various local treatment facilities. Individuals apply at their local DSHS branch office.
Verified 11/06

SMART (Self Management And Recovery Training)
206-286-6620 (contact: Austin Hay, M.S., CDP)

Based on Cognitive-Behavior therapy (REBT), an alternative to traditional self-help groups such as 12-step groups.

Contact Austin Hay for time and location of Seattle SMART group meetings.
Verified 10/2011

Rational Recovery

Self-help group dealing with substance abuse, based on Addictive Voice Recognition Technique. An alternative to 12-step groups. Their web site is intended as a recovery resource in its own right, claiming a "four day course to end addiction."
Verified 12/06

Recovery Café
2022 Boren Avenue; Seattle, WA 98121

Brick-and-mortar membership-based outreach center offering free peer-to-peer support programs, addiction classes, coping skills workshops, Spanish- and English-speaking 12-step meetings (including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Overeaters Anonymous), volunteer opportunities, math tutoring, referral Services, and nutritious meals (open to Recovery Café members and volunteers).

Members are required to be drug- and alcohol-free the past 24 hours, participate in a weekly “recovery circle” (or let staff know when you must be absent), participate in community service at the café, and practice the guiding principles of the Recovery Café community (viewable on website).

See website for full schedule of events
Needs verification 10/2016

United Indians Children, Youth, and Family Services
Yale Service Center; 1945 Yale Place E.; Seattle WA 98102

Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment for women and youth. Integrates domestic violence, crime victim, and sexual abuse issues. Services are targeted primarily (but not exclusively) to Native Americans.
Verified 12/06

Evergreen Treatment Services
1700 Airport Way S., 98134

Offers out-patient services including counseling, methadone (Dosing Hours: 5:30 - 11:30 AM), & acupuncture. Additional services for homeless alcoholics. Accepts insurance & ADATSA funding.

Mobile Methadone Clinic:

    2963 Utah Ave., Seattle 98134
    Dosing Hours: 6:00 - 11:00 AM

Verified 12/06

Cocaine Outreach and Recovery Program
1905 S. Jackson St., #A, Seattle 98144

Out-patient treatment for cocaine addicted individuals, including group and individual therapy, 12-steps, holistic medicine including acupuncture, youth marijuana project, services for co-occuring mental health issues, and aftercare.
Verified 12/06

Therapeutic Health Service (THS)
1116 Summit Ave., Seattle 98101 (plus additional locations)

Out-patient treatment including methadone and acupuncture. Additional programs for Southeast Asians & pregnant women. Sliding scale fees: accepts ADATSA funding and limited medical coupons.
Verified 11/06

Bastyr Center for Natural Health
3670 Stone Way N., Seattle 98103

Holistic naturopathic medical services including acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. This clinic does not treat dependency on its own but will create a program to support an existing medical strategy the patient is already pursuing. Limited reduced fees available for low-income or age 65+.
Verified 11/09

The Hart Center — Patrick J. Hart M.S., M.A.
Family Addiction Intervention Specialist

206-547-HELP (206-547-4357)

Drug & Alcohol Crisis Prevention/Intervention Specialist: Help for families that are frightened by a loved one's pattern of substance abuse (alcohol and other drugs), including drunk driving. Emergency in-field substance abuse evaluation and treatment recommendations.

Alcohol-Drug Counseling: Sobriety skills and relapse prevention for individuals who seek help with problems of substance abuse.

Call to schedule appointments or for immediate "coaching" by way of teleconference. Accepts insurance. Fees negotiable for low-income or uninsured.
Verified 12/06

Joyce Sundin, Intervention Specialist

Intervention services for alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling, etc.
Verified 03/07

Seattle Counseling Service for Sexual Minorities
1216 Pine St., Suite 300, Seattle 98101

Outpatient services only. Sliding scale, medical coupons accepted.

Monday-Thursday 8 am - 8 pm. Friday 8 am - 5 pm. After hours call Crisis Line at 206-461-3222.
Verified 04/08

Recovery Connection
888-616-0364 24-hour helpline

Referrals for rehab. This group appears to us to be legitimate, but we know less about it than about most groups we list. Further information would be welcome. In particular, while it is clear that they provide referrals only to legitimate rehab programs, we are not sure of their business model (e.g. whether they are being paid by rehab facilities for referrals).
Verified 11/2013

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