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DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services)

The Department of Social and Health Services is a government agency. They decide whether you are eligible for food stamps, medical coupons, regular and emergency cash grants. Calling before you go to the office can sometimes shorten the long wait and save extra trips for paperwork you need to have with you. Taking someone along with you can help keep the wait from being too long and the tempers too short. Try to apply before you are too desperate. It is usually easier to get a little help for a shorter time than lots of help for a longer time, especially if you need it right away.

DSHS North Seattle Community Service Office (CSO)
TTY: 206-706-4254

9600 College Way N #1151, Seattle, WA 98103
Located on the campus of North Seattle College. Serves U. Dist, Wallingford, Ballard and other North Seattle locations

DSHS Belltown Community Service Office (CSO)
TTY: 206-956-3318

2106 2nd Ave. Seattle , WA 98121-2298
Serves Downtown.

If you are homeless, you may use any CSO. Otherwise, you'll be assigned by ZIP code. The Online CSO web site has extensive information including a full list of CSOs organized by ZIP code. Unfortunately, the online CSO web site uses the https protocol, which may not work from some public points of web access.

Private social service agencies such as Solid Ground (206-694-6742) or Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition (206-324-3063) can sometimes help you with DSHS applications and with more immediate needs.

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Like DSHS itself, the DSHS web site can be a bit hard to navigate. Some useful pages are:

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