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What this is

This is the online version of the Peace Heathens' Seattle Crisis Resource Directory. The Crisis Resource Directory began life in 1989 as a pamphlet, which has now gone through five editions; as of December 2002, over 22,000 copies of that pamphlet have been distributed.

We are actively seeking a donation of printing costs for a seventh print edition. In early 2001, we had the rather disappointing experience of getting the Fifth Edition ready to go to press and then lacking the means to print any significant number of copies; the sixth edition ended up with a press run of perhaps 2,000 copies. Even with the expanding availablility of the Internet, there are still many people who could use this information and whom we can reach only by getting it to them on paper. Ideally, we seek a printer who is willing to donate paper and services, but we would consider any other form of assistance.

We first took this on line through Seattle Community Network in the summer of '94 when the Internet was still "exotic." At that time, some people ridiculed the notion of putting crisis resource information on line. Nowadays, when it is literally easier to get a home page than a home, the need is clear for such fundamental information to be available through the Net.

The Crisis Resource Directory originated in the University District of Seattle, so it has particularly complete listings for the area north of Downtown. This is a matter of history, not policy. Although we wish to keep the focus on Seattle resources, we very much welcome suggestions for more inclusions south of Downtown. Send us mail.

Using this information

This information exists to be used and to be distributed. Feel free to copy all or part of the Crisis Resource Directory for any non-commercial purpose. Notification and credit would be appreciated.

Take what you need, give back what you can. These services exist to be used. Most of them also need volunteers.

Inclusion of a given agency or service on this site does not imply endorsement. We have tried to list organizations that are useful to people who need help. Sometimes we're wrong. Sometimes an agency which is of great help to one person will be useless or worse to another.

"800"; numbers let you call without a coin from a pay phone, but they cost the receiver of the call money. Please, if you're calling from a home phone in Greater Seattle, use the local phone number. Saves them money, costs you nothing.

Who we are

The Peace Heathens are a grass-roots, street-level collective of free-spirited but highly motivated individuals. We treasure the cultural and sub-cultural diversity of this city. We are working for a sane, peaceful, diverse and mutually tolerant society, a world of social and economic justice, sustainable ecology, and fair distribution of wealth. Peace in the world at large begins in each community and ultimately with each person.

The Peace Heathens promote this vision through a variety of means, especially non-violent direct action. Since 1988 we've been involved in activities ranging from the previous editions of this book to organizing a variety of free concerts and benefit concerts to doing security for political demonstrations to giving away food and clothing. Members of the group have been involved as individuals in projects ranging from needle exchange to information policy. (Please don't share needles. Please don't trust the phone company. We love you.)

Keeping this up to date

Entries generally carry a verification date. If you have corrections or suggestions, or simply want to get in touch with us, or want to volunteer for future projects, you can e-mail us or call the Peace Heathens collective, 206-522-0846 during normal business hours.

Helping us distribute this

If your organization would like multiple copies of our existing sixth edition or our forthcoming seventh edition to distribute, please send a letter of request on letterhead paper to

        Seattle Peace Heathens
        6911 Twelfth Ave. NE
        Seattle, WA 98115-6751
It would be very helpful if you can include a paragraph about how this booklet is useful to your organization. These letters are crucial when we go to seek donations of printing.

Is there a donor out there?

We would like to thank

        Night Rider Overnight Copy Service
        112 Seneca
        Seattle, WA 98101
        (206) 223-9066

for printing 10,000 copies of our fourth edition free of charge. Donations like this allow us to distribute the Crisis Resource Directory as a free pamphlet. We currently (February 2004) need a donor for printing the Seventh Edition.

Privacy Policy

The Peace Heathens have always tried to handle sensitive information in an appropriate manner. In December 2000, we decided to articulate our privacy policy more formally.

Our intent is to protect all confidential information and to limit the use of email addresses to the explicit purposes for which they are provided to us. We welcome suggestions to improve our policies to better meet these goals; please mail suggestions to

Privacy Policy: Information posted on the site

Obviously, information posted on the site is inherently public. We welcome its replication for any non-commercial purpose. Appropriate acknowledgment is, of course, appreciated.

Privacy Policy: Incoming email

Normally email sent to is read by one of the editors. From time to time we receive emails from individuals requesting help. Often, the nature of these emails reveals sensitive information about these individuals or others close to them. Also often, the editor who initially reads the email may not be the most knowledgable member of our organization on the topic in question. (For example, our expert on spousal abuse is not the person who routinely reads incoming mail.)

We will take all reasonable measures to safeguard the identity of the sender of the email and the privacy of the information in the email. We will not unnecessarily forward any such email. If, to obtain information requested in the email, we must forward some portion of the email beyond our own organization, we will either ask advance permission of the sender of the original email, or will attempt to suppress all identifying information, or both. If you wish some even stricter policy to be applied to your email, please inform us in the mail itself and we will attempt to abide by it.

Unless we receive explicit consent to the contrary, the addresses of incoming email will be used only to allow us to reply to that email. A typical example of explicit consent to the contrary would be when someone writes us to volunteer and asks us to pass their name to organizations that might have use for their services.

Normally, the entire content of all email (including email addresses) is presumed to be not for publication. The sole exception to this is content explicitly intended for inclusion in the site (e.g. email from an organization asking to be listed or updating its information). Under no circumstances will email addresses obtained in this manner be used for any commercial purpose, nor will a list of such addresses be lent or provided to any other organization, nor will the Peace Heathens use the list for any purpose unrelated to the Crisis Resource Directory.

Privacy Policy: Email addresses of organizational contacts

In order to facilitate fact-checking, we frequently ask organizational contacts for their email address. This email address, if provided, will be used only for legitimate Peace Heathens' Crisis Resource Directory business. (Typical legitimate use will be to send email to that address to ask an organization to verify the accuracy of its listing in the directory.) Except with explicit consent:

  • The email address will not be published on the web.
  • The email address will not be passed to any person not actively engaged in crisis resource directory business, nor will it be passed to any other organization.
Under no circumstances will such addresses be used for any commercial purpose, nor will such addresses be lent or provided to any other organization, nor will the Peace Heathens use the list for any purpose unrelated to the Crisis Resource Directory.

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