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Welcome to our continually updated Crisis Resource Directory. Each listing in the directory is followed by information indicating when that listing was last fact-checked.

You, our users, can help keep this site up to date. Is something out of date? Are we missing information you believe belongs here? You can assist us greatly by emailing this information to

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This is the home page of the Peace Heathens' Crisis Resource Directory. Feel free to copy all or part of this document for any non-commercial purpose. Notification and credit would be appreciated.

This Crisis Resource directory has been online since June 1994. From 1994 until 2016 we were hosted by Seattle Community Network. As of late 2016, we are on our own site, Each listing indicates the last time it was fact- checked. Pages also indicate date of full-page fact-check and date of latest (partial) update. This is because we update all information as promptly as we can, but only occasionally do a full fact check, which involves a phone call to every single organization listed.

This is a "living" document. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Changes are made regularly.

This page last modified: December 17, 2015

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